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Vital disorders, you have so many problems? Earn on them!

Vital disorders, you have so many problems? Earn on them!

The mankind is made up from problems. New technologies in our century become a source of new problems. You have bought the car, so it is necessary to spend some money for upgrade, you have bought the computer, so you should pay for the information, you have bought a dress so what about shoes.
Sometimes such disorders happen simultaneously and take away a lot of energy, nerves, money, and losses sometimes exceed our possibilities. But in all negative there are also positive moments; during these wear and tear of life you get worldly wisdom and experience how to salve these problems. This experience is invaluable, but it is possible to turn it into metallic currency.
You just have to tell about your problems, and "happiness comes to you". After all each time when something bad happens to you, after some time you guess how it would be better to act at such situation. And a lot of people would pay expensively for knowledge where and how manages the risk!
For example, each woman has one problem: you come into shop; you don't like anything, you come into another, and you do not notice how such huge sums of money disappear from your purse. It is good when near you have limiting factor - a man, he will put into place a question whether really it is necessary for you. And money is in save, and what is necessary is bought. But than comes long-awaited holiday for man, grasping children and the mother-in-law, he rushes them to entertain in any "Caribbean Islands", and you remain itself in a dank city, work, and you have only one possibility to entertain - shopping. And there is no control! And you understand, that after such entertainment you have to live two week you having only some small sums of money. And you have to eat. Force of thought (or a hungry stomach) awakes you among night and whispers the recipe of fast preparation of tasty and nourishing dish without gramme of superfluous calories. So the problem is solved quickly and cheap! And you have enough money to wait arrival of the beloved husband or day of the salary.
But reason for earnings is not the problem itself, but its decision. The recipe of this dish which is simple "a cookery masterpiece", helps to earn money, and if necessary the traffic on your site. It would be simple enough if you have personal computer and the Internet. You just open the Internet, set in search "female magazines" and "to add article", the same can be made with search of word "cookery" and "to add the recipe". Automatically your recipe is dispatched on magazines and few of them even pay this article. Of course, it is not a lot of money for the publication, but nevertheless it is better, than nothing. And if you have your own site than just give the reference on it and you will solve a problem with traffic increase.

Six steps to success, necessary for earnings:

- To commit to paper in what the problem, actually, consisted;

- To describe its decision, observing chronology;

- To analyze a problem;

- To compare the decision to possible others, to stipulate its efficiency;

- To sum up expenses of money, energy, time;

- To write article and to dispatch where only it is possible.

Your success comes through your problems. And it is a quite good way to earn!