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Earn playing

Earn playing

One in ten on our planet is enticed by online games, but not all of them know that game can bring the income. Online games have developed together with the high-speed Internet. Nowadays the Internet is not only a source of information, but also a place where people have a good time thanks to mass multiuser on-line games. It includes draughts, backgammon, billiards, puzzles and more modern, more developed, with three-dimensional graphics. These games develop dexterity, reaction, sharpness learn to put up money, intrigue and force not to stop on the reached. So such games can help you to earn first money in the Internet. The game industry develops much faster, than a network to which it belongs. At present the game industry brings 160 y.e per second or 15 million y.e. per day, but three years after this sum will grow to 400! That's why you can earn at least a part of this innumerable sum. Except games it is possible to pay the attention to social network. High-speed performance of interactive communications favorably affects growth of any business. We should not forget about referral programs which combine schemes of players reward for new people who enter game, possibility of social networks (chats) and distribution of advertising and the information about offered services and goods. Network business brings the income, provides cheerful pastime, live dialogue.
It is possible to work, playing with friends, communicating with relatives and inviting to dialogue a circle of acquaintances. Payment is usually made instantly, and the profit is counted from such sources:

- Personal or command results, getting valuable and rare artifacts, high cost of game currency. All these are transferred into real money;

- Wages for creativity and performance of works and orders for other participants in game, for example in well-known SL more than 3000 persons have the constant income of 5 thousand dollars monthly;

- Percent from incomes earned by your players in competitions;

- Bonuses for each invited active player who simultaneously becomes your partner;

- The income from players which have been invited by your partners;

- The income from each created generation of players.

Online games is a competition between participants where everyone gives the corresponding sum for the participation and the winner of game, and it is possible also winners, receive the monetary prize. The victory in competition is not fate or good luck which can first smile and then turn back; it is a revealing of abilities of the player or a command in dexterity, reactions, mind, and sharpness. If you are the desperate player, we advise you to start now! Experience will come, but if you do not begin in time the chance will be missed. We wish you successful profitable game!