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Partner programs

Partner programs

The Internet, like the Universe, constantly extends. The quantity of sites and users increases constantly, besides grow volumes of the advertising which are daily thrown out on pages of the Network. In such situation the holder of a resource should use all accessible methods to increase the quantity of visitors. Each visitor who has visited a site is additional unit of the income for the owner.
There are different ways of so-called promotion of a site in a network. Among them are contextual and media kinds of advertising, search optimization, registration in catalogues. But besides these advertising methods there is such form of interaction of Internet users as partner programs.

The core of partner programs and their advantages

The core of the partner program consists in the exchange of some mutually profitable services within the limits of Internet space. Such cooperation can be build up on the basis of equality (in the case if the site owners carry out for each other identical or similar actions), or can be the original commercial transaction (if it is a question of a certain activity of the user in exchange for certain bonuses from site administration).
Partner programs, certainly, possess a considerable quantity of advantages to each of the parties of the made transaction.
First of all, it is one of few ways of promotion of the resource, not demanding considerable financial investments. Partner programs are obliged by the popularity to search in the Internet. The mechanism of work of the search robot includes the account and the quantity analysis of references to a target site from other web sources. It would be better to have close subjects of a referring resource to the maintenance of an advanced site. There are several ways to make it possible. If the information content, reputation and attendance of a resource is very high, most likely, owners of less considerable sites devoted to similar subjects, will want to refer to "guru". But to become authority on Internet space, it is necessary to enclose initially many means, efforts and imagination in creation and promotion of your "child". Besides, not each site can do it: what do, for example, the company which sells building materials? Therefore, in order to get necessary quantity of references from thematic resources usually is used partnership programs. If we speak about equal cooperation on the principle of "you help me - I help you", both businessmen receive, as a matter of fact, free advancement of the sites. One gets rather cheap advertising and another earns small but constant sums of money. In the case when ordinary users are involved in the process various variants are possible: here we speak not about promotion, but about receiving target visitors.

Versions of partner programs

There are some basic versions of the partner programs. They are differentiated by algorithm of action. Exchange of references is one of the simplest ways of interaction on equal terms. The mechanism of realization of such interaction is very simple: the owner of a visited resource places the reference to the partner site which owner, in turn, places a return link on his pages. As a matter of fact, it is not a partnership program but only a mutually-beneficial exchange.
One of the most advanced and widespread interaction variant is reference placement for percent from sales. As a rule, here we speak about a resource of the noncommercial nature, but with an interesting and informative content for users where links are specified in a selling site of the partner similar on subjects. For each transition of the user by reference the owner of an "advertising" source receives certain monetary compensation. Some companies offer to partners the fixed rate, others offer percent from income. In any case such principle of interaction is positive for development of both co-operating parties. The management of the advertised company has to hold constantly "at level" the finance balance in order to interest sites-partners in the transaction, as for the owners of advertising resources they should regularly update, fill up with content and advance the project in order to keep their users.
Other version of partnership programs which is especially popular today is various referral systems. Here we speak about such model as "site owner-user". After registration on a resource a new regular visitor gets the reference containing an individual code. Extending this link in the Internet the client-partner receives certain reward for each new involved user also registered in system. It can be either the small fixed sum or percent from income. Thus, the owner of a site receives double benefit: on the one hand - regular inflow of "fresh users", with another - powerful motivation for saving "old users". Some companies use such schemes as the accessory tool (for example, content exchanges and exchange offices). But there are also multilevel "pyramids" which are completely constructed only on this principle.
In the West there is such version of partnership as payment for registration. After filling of the certain questionnaire and endorsement of registration on a site, the user receives small money reward. Usually the companies use such method for carrying out interrogations and market research. In Russia such kind of partner programs meets very seldom.
At last, it is necessary to mention so-called mail sponsors who have gained huge distribution today. In this case the company pays the user for transition by references and viewing sites of their partners. Client finds links on advertised resources on a resource of the sponsor, or receives them on the e-mail in the letter. However this method possesses rather bad reputation because of a large quantity of fraudulent systems where it is impossible to receive small but the earned sum for viewing.
Certainly, among partnership programs is available more and less progressive. It is unlikely that such way of cooperation can be a unique source of earnings. You should not place you bets on it. It can be a good addition to some other methods.