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Freelance (work from home). A new way of the constant income

Freelance (work from home). A new way of the constant income

Freelance. General information.

The search of an adequate place of work is one of the most vital problems for the modern expert. Therefore it is no wonder that getting at last a long-awaited armchair at office we are afraid to lose it. And sometimes it is in vain. The Internet possibilities allow not only "not cling" for office, but opposite, completely to be released from it. Here we speak about remote work named also freelance. That is work from home. The expert and the client can never see each other and communicate exclusively by means of web technologies. But it does not prevent them to co-operate, to pay off real money and to be quite happy with such course of events.

The essence of a freelance and its advantages

The remote way of earnings provides the conclusion of all arrangements between the employee and the employer in the Internet dialogue mode. In some cases is also used telecommunication. The main feature of a freelance consists in the following: the process of task performance is carried out by the expert at home, without any control from the customer. In this case the employer has only one interest in the result. The employee has his own interest in timely and full payment of his work. Thus, we deal with something an average between traditional "work for the salary" and private business where the manufacturer independently sells products of own manufacturing.
It will be difficult to list all advantages of freelance. First of all for the customer it is considerable economy. After all he does not pay office area, as well as service of the employee workplace, carrying out a necessary task. Besides, freelancer knowing that his work will be estimated financially only after the employer accepts the result, works with more extent of responsibility than office worker who receives the salary in the end of each month without dependence from other circumstances. Thus the customer should not think of maintenance of the employee with adequate toolkit - freelancer by definition should take care of such things independently.
The remote worker can also produce reasons in favour of work at home. First of all for him it is some degree of freedom. In a situation with freelance there is no necessity to be daily at office at a time. The executor can independently plan the schedule, to regulate quantity of projects and to carry out them in comfortable conditions for himself. Freelancer is relieved of necessity to build not always simple mutual relations with colleagues, actually nobody controls him. He has holiday whenever he wants and not obligatory in summer.

Disadvantages of freelance

On the other hand, there are also risks. As a rule, the employer should address to the unchecked worker about whom he knows only that other customers co-operated with him successfully. Usually remote employee with big experience and well-deserved portfolio demands a certain sum of an advance payment, at times - considerable enough percent from all sum. Sometimes happens that freelancer is not fair: he takes an advance payment and does not carry out a task, or he does half or wrecks the terms. For the customer such neglect of obligations from the worker can be critical and lead to losses, much more serious than the sum given to the executor. In a situation when certain alterations or corrections are required, office employee should work until the necessary result will be reached. Freelancer can refuse to finish the project, or can demand additional payment for modification.
For the worker there are some "reefs", one of which is quite real possibility not to receive the fee. Similarly to freelancer the customer can also be the deceiver and not pay for the executed project, saying that "he is not satisfied with the work", or simply having disappeared in an unknown direction. The remote employee can never figure on the payment of medical sick-leave certificate, vacation allowance or child care allowance. Pension benefits are also not for him. The majority of freelancers work on illegal position in the context of state as they do not pay tax from the income. In the case of terms failure the following circumstances as illness, the broken computer or force majeure can not become the sufficient justification for the customer. Furthermore among remote workers operate laws of the no controllable market with the highest competition, constantly appear newcomers and you should regularly prove to the customers you experience level.

For whom freelance exists?

Freelancer hire is a fine exit for those customers who need only one-time work in short terms in the absence of the corresponding expert in staff. Businessmen who need the site with all attributes such as platform, design and content also will find the executor among remote employees. The most part of Internet business versions is connected with work of freelancers on a constant basis that allows saving considerably on the real area and wages.
On the other hand freelance is the remarkable decision for people to whom office rhythm is contraindicated, but means are necessary constantly. This group consists of women in the decree, students of senior course and sensitive people for whom freedom is more important than guarantees.
Certainly, freelance is very perspective area and developing rapidly market. According to forecasts of scientists in the future practically all experts probably apply to freelance. The future will show how true this statement is.